Lesson packages are available for all skill levels and you can learn everything from the fundamentals of photography (composition, metering modes, exposure triangle and natural light photography) to advanced off-camera flash techniques.



You'll learn the basics of photography starting with basic composition, explanation of the exposure triangle and how your shutter, aperture, and ISO values work together to create the proper exposure, explanation of your DSLR's metering modes and how to expose your subject properly using only available natural light.



So you have the fundamentals down and you understand some of the basics, but you want to take your natural light photography to the next level? You'll learn how, when and why to change your metering mode and how to get the right exposure in just a few shots simply by looking at your image in your LCD screen after you've captured it!


Flash Photography:

Want to learn on-camera flash photography for events? With the flash photography package, you'll learn how to set up and use your shoe-mounted speedlight including how to manually set it, how to meter in your camera for your flash power and how to expose your subject correctly using head-on and bounce flash techniques for event photography!


*You must have your own speedlight and demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of photography before booking this package.

Off-Camera Flash (Speedlights):

You've mastered on-camera flash and now you want to take your portrait or headshot photography to the next level. Start here by learning how to use your speedlight(s) to expose both your subject and background correctly. You'll learn how to meter for the background while setting up your speedlight(s) for optimal exposure of your subject. You'll also learn how to position your speedlight(s) for key light, kicker and multi-light setups* to achieve the best off-camera flash portraits possible!


*You must own at least one speedlight and tripod or light stand for this package, and you must have multiple speedlights in order to learn multi-light setups. Price does not change based on the number of lights. Flash modifiers (softbox, octobox, MagMod etc) are also recommended. You must also own a remote trigger to fire your speedlight(s) off-camera. Necessary equipment can be provided** for an additional fee, however, you will be required to sign both a waiver of liability and a damage agreement.

**Nikon only

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